Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to mobile applications provided by developers.
By using my app, you consent to the collection and sharing of information described on this page.

* Use of Advertising ID
Ads are displayed using Google's advertising ID.

* Ad networks and services
A list of ad networks and services used by the app. Please see the link for policy details.

Supership Informative data policy
Supership How to opt out
AdMob (Google Inc.)
Facebook Audience Network (Facebook, Inc.)
Amazon Mobile Ad Network
Unity Ads
nend (FAN Communications, Inc.)
nend (FAN Communications, Inc.) How to opt out
Google Play Services

* Collection and purpose of use of personal information
Advertising distributors may acquire user information. In addition, we use tools to collect application usage status for improvement of development, and we may automatically acquire user information. Please check the following link for the collected data and purpose of use.
Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics
Firebase Crashlytics
Google Analytics for Firebase

* Disclaimer
The provider of the application does not guarantee the operation on the terminal, the suitability for the terminal, or the safety when the application user uses this application. The use of this application shall be done at the responsibility of the application user. If you move from this application to another site via a link or banner, I will not be held responsible for the information, services, etc. provided at the destination site.

(1) Damage caused by using or not being able to use the App
(2) Damage caused by change, suspension or termination of all or part of the service of the App
(3) Disadvantages and damages caused to users due to defects, malfunctions, malfunctions of applications and communication networks, and usage methods not based on prescribed usage methods
(4) Disadvantages and damages caused by troubles between application users or between application users and other third parties
(5) Disadvantages and damages caused by software or hardware accidents, computer virus contamination, data loss or damage, etc. due to the use of the application
(6) Occurrence of errors, corrections in the event of problems, unauthorized access to the App and servers by third parties, and intrusion of other harmful substances, etc.
(7) Misoperation or damage due to inaccurate text due to the use of translation tools
(8) Misoperation or damage caused by changing or re-translating the app title or text
(9) Damage caused by slowdowns, freezes, or hangups due to insufficient terminal performance
(10) Damage caused by erroneous operations or hang-ups caused by "scroll gestures or macro gestures"
(11) Any impact or damage to other apps caused by using functions that operate in the background

Operator information
Jetpof Apps

The personal information of the seller listed is that of our contract store.

* network access
Used to check for updates.
Used for displaying advertisements.

* accessibility services
Use the home button or back button functionality.
Used for scrolling aids with swipe gestures.
Used for copy and paste operations.

* Device administrator privileges
Used by app users to turn off the screen.

* Access rights to contacts
Used only for app users to quote and copy the text of the contact.

* Updated: 2023/4/25